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White Cyc, Black Draping or Green Screen.  Your Choice.

Shooters is designed and co-owned by one of Canada’s Top Cinematographers, Daron Donahue.  Shooters has experience in the freelance and media production industry and know the value of a flexible, controllable, and comfortable shooting environment.

A New Opportunity in Edmonton

Shooters competitive rates provide a unique opportunity in Edmonton for Creative Professionals to practice their craft and earn a living. In the past, studio space has been either expensive or suffered from too many compromises. Shooters outlook is to make studio space a truly affordable option for new and existing projects. 

A director's chairs sits in front of the white cyclorama in the lit studio

Background Lighting

Shooters Studio Background comes pre-lit with three dimmable Kino Flo ParaZip 215 Studio Fixtures that cast a wide, soft beam of flattering light. These low heat fixture provide a high degree of comfort for cast and crew.   All three lights can be easily switched on or off at ground level.  The Studio is currently bulbed at 3200K and can be converted to 5600K upon request.

Floor lights and c-stands are set up for interview in front of white cyclorama

Floor Lighting

Rent Shooters (2) Kino Flo Celeb 250 LED Lights on portable roller stands to make your studio day shine.  The Celeb 250's are a best in class, flattering and controllable light. You can get a lot of work done with 2 Celebs and Shooters pre-lit backgrounds.  Also included in the Shooters Lighting Package is a Flag Kit and 4 C-Stands so you can shape, diffuse or block your light.

Sound panels on ceiling of studio

Sound Recording

Shooters is located in a quiet, private location.  The studio has been treated with sound absorbing drapes, acoustic foam tiles and has excellent sound quality.  Whether you’re recording documentary interviews or a music video, Shooters sound dynamics will keep you coming back.

Go Further


Take advantage of Shooters sound quality and comfort to invite guests in to record a podcast.  Or, reach a mass audience and Live Stream straight from the studio floor by tapping into Shooters Fiber Optic Internet.  

Shooters Facility can comfortably handle small groups (up to 15) so book the studio to conduct workshops or training sessions.  With a TV mounted on the wall and plenty of space for food, coffee and hosting, Shooters can be your home base for whatever gig you dream up!

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